Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review- Hi-Def Glamour 18 Color Creme Foundation Super Palettes

"Graftobian now offers our High Definition Glamour Cremes and Lip Colors in this artist friendly Super Palette (18 shade) Configuration. This is a very convenient way for the serious artist to use and travel with virtually our full line of HD cremes. Each palette contains substantially all of our color range in each of the four Super Palette Styles: Warm, Neutral & Cool HD Creme Foundations, plus our fabulous Super Lip Palette!" 18 colors each. $64.99 each.

As I've mentioned before, I'm studying to become a makeup artist. Graftobian foundation is an absolute staple in many professional makeup artist's kits. You can vary the coverage anywhere from sheer to opaque and the cream doubles as a concealer. Oh and did I mention it's HD quality? When a makeup is HD quality, it means it does it's job better than can be seen with the naked eye. I've seen my everyday makeup on an HD camera and even though I feel it looks good, it looks just awful on the HD screen. *Makeup tip- If you are going somewhere where you will be filmed or photographed in HD, do not use mineral based makeup. Something in the makeup comes out as grey flecks when shot in HD.* In addition to using these creams as foundations, I use a concealer brush and apply them as foundation. It covers under eye circles beautifully. If you are a makeup artist or plan in being one, you must check out the various Graftobian palettes.

The foundations are broken down into cool tones, warm tones and neutral tones. Every shade comes in a variety of packages- singles, 5 packs of like colors and the Super Palettes of 18 colors in one color family. If you just can't seem to find the color or coverage you need, try a Graftobian palette and you'll be able to mix a custom color for yourself. If you don't know if you are a warm, cool or neutral tone, try taking something pure yellow up to your face, then try something pure red (no blue or orange undertones to it). If the yellow matches your undertones, you are a cool tone, the red- warm and if they both look equally good, you are neutral (%75 of people are warm). BTW, you can't just get the neutral palette and use it on everyone if you want a true match. I've tried it and it doesn't work.

Overall, I love these palettes and they are going to be the basis for my entire pro makeup kit. As a color runs out, I can refill the space by buying an individual pot of that foundation @ $11.99 @ Graftobian.

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