Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review- DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew

Ultra-lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew™ from Doctor's Dermatologic Formula is a lightweight anti-aging facial moisturizer. The delicate, fluffy, mild moisturizer is free of oil, lanolin, fragrance, and color additives. Pure aloe vera and glycerin help bind moisture to the skin while squalene (a derivative of an emollient found in healthy skin), and dimethicone help delay moisture loss. May be used on oily and acne-prone skin. 1.67 oz, $38.

This super lightweight moisturizer really lives up to its name, leaving your skin soft and, well, dewy. My skin is pretty finicky - its combination to oily, but in the summer it tends to get really oily, and I'm also starting to incorporate anti-aging products into my routine. The moisturizer really meets all of those skin care concerns. It keeps my skin moisturized and controls oil, leaving your face soft and smooth, not at all greasy. Many of the anti-aging products I've tried are way too heavy for my skin, but this one addresses that problem perfectly. Even though it really is a light formula you don't need to slather a lot on, and it creates a great smooth surface for your makeup. I absolutely adore this product, and the longer I use it the better my skin looks!

Amanda S. Says: Agreed on all accounts. As reviewed recently, I love the sensitive skin cleanser. Although I didn't even feel like I needed moisture after using it, I followed with this and found it to absorb very quickly and leave no weird residue to mess with my make up. I have noticed, after using for a week, a nice 'taut' feeling to my skin which is totally different than an uncomfortable tightness. I just feel like my skin is fresher and bouncing back nicely from all the icky damage I've done to it this summer.

Trish Says: I am even more excited about this moisturizer once the weather begins to cool and my skin goes from oily in the summer to dry in the winter. I can tell already that come winter, this moisturizer will lightly, yet perfectly, lock in moisturizer in a way that keeps my skin looking natural, fresh and fully hydrated. I found best results with this moisturizer were when I let it s
et in for a few minutes, which created an ultra smooth base for my make-up. There's a nice healthy glow as a result and a clean, fresh shine, which I can appreciate any time of the year, and especially when the seasons begin to change!

Deedlejuse Says: I totally love this moisturizer! It is my absolute favorite to put under tinted moisturizer for the perfect amount of moisture without any build up! It is so easy to wear with or without make up on top. It is very light, but really sinks in quickly. I will say that you don't need much, one pump will completely nourish my face leaving it looking well tended and beautiful. Two pumps and you can get well down your neck and onto your decolletage. I love it!

Hillary Says: Not to sound like a mockingbird after reading all of the other reviews, but I couldn't agree more and I too love this moisturizer. This has been my "go to" moisturizer for years. I'm a patient of it's inventor, Dr. Sobel, (who I highly recommend) and one of the things I appreciate about him and his staff is that they don't push the DDF products down your throat. But now that I'm trying so many of the products I wish they would have (just kidding)! The thing I love best about this moisturizer is that there are no bells or whistles, just good, moisturizing ingredients which make your skin, even if it's dry like mine, look healthy and hydrated- with no zits! I have this in SPF 15 for day which has a full spectrum sunscreen and plain for evening. It is especially good on days when your face is extra dry because it doesn't hurt when you apply it. I even use it around my eyes. The consistency makes for a perfect makeup base; I often skip primer entirely when using this lotion. If you are looking for an effective moisturizer that won't break you out- look no further!

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