Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review - Lippmann Nail Polish

Celebrities seek her unique nail know-how and now it's just a click away. Introducing the new nail line from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann. These long-lasting lacquers and specialized treatments are available in many vibrant colors.

I've got a great color in this nail polish, especially for summer: "I Dreamed You" which is a soft shimmery pale pink. I have another polish of a similar color in an unnamed drug store brand, and it chips so fast it's depressing, within 24 hours, even with a double top coat, my old polish would be chipped at the ends and streaking. What a bummer. So I get this little bottle, the color almost a perfect match, exactly what I was looking for... And it has lasted all week! I wouldn't be surprised if it stayed on even without a topcoat, it's super strong and resilient considering what I put my nails through. They have a huge variety of awesome colors available online, and really cute color names. I highly recommend this polish if you do your own nails at home and don't have time to do them every 3 days.

Joyce says: I decided to put this polish on with no basecoat or topcoat so I could see how long it lasted. Since the color, I Dreamed You, is a delicate shell pink, I figured it wouldn’t discolor my nails as a darker color might. I put it on Sunday morning and went about my daily business of lots of keyboard use, washing dishes several times a day, and basic daily chores. It took until Thursday afternoon (and lots of activity) for the polish to start showing wear. That’s actually a record. I’ve been using a brand I buy at the drugstore that promises to be chip- and peel-proof and have had to repair it by the next day. I’m seriously pleased with how this polish stays on.

Maria says: Wow, Joyce, I did the same thing - (no base or topcoat) I had looked at the color (My Romance) and thought it was such a sweet shade of pink that I just had to see what it looked like on! So pretty!!!And here we are three days later and not a chip to be found (and I did my housecleaning!). I keep my nails very short and don't usually pay attention to them as far as polish goes, but I can see myself using this very often as the color is just perfect, it dries quickly, and is quite chip resistant. A winner!

Sheba says: Okay, I did the same thing. Put on the polish with no base coat or topcoat -- but for a different reason. I am lazy! I have 'My Romance' also and it is beyond good. It looks and wears super. It goes on very easily with no streaks or smears even though I was rushing. It dried quite quick and I was tapping my fingers on the keyboard in minutes. I hate to admit it -- okay I said I was lazy -- but I have had the polish on for over a week and not even one chip. That is truly amazing. I am not usually that lazy but I can always say I left it on for research. Seriously, it looks as good as the day I put it on. This polish takes quite a bit of punishment and still shows off nicely. I have never experienced this longevity so I intend to acquire many more of their fantastic shades. This nail polish is simply the BEST.

Deedlejuse says: I don't want to sound like a parrot, but..... I love it! I try so many nail polishes, and always am amazed by how quickly it wears off. In fact, I generally only paint my toes because I am so hard on my hands. With this Lippman collection, I also got "My Romance" which must be their best-selling color it is just so wearable and cute. I decided, after reading other's reviews that I would try wearing it on my finger nails, you know just to see if it really is as amazing as everyone was saying. It did not disappoint. The only thing that I have to add is that the polish is the absolute quickest drying lacquer I have ever tried, which for me is a huge bonus! I hate waiting 45 min before going back to my life. In my opinion a manicure is not an all day affair. As soon as I'm done painting, it should be over. With this awesome nail polish it is! I can't rave enough. If you are the most impatient, and busiest person ever, this is your nail polish.

Movie Maven says: I don't know if I'm particularly hard on my nails, or what, but I painted mine with the "Kiss from a Rose" color (a gorgeous, deep red) on Monday night; by Wednesday, they were chipped. I'm not a laundress, or a manual laborer (though I do make crafts), so I'm not sure why I didn't have as much luck as the other ladies. I will say this, though: this stuff dried so fast that I did not have time to smudge the polish. My normal MO is to be impatient about drying my manicures, and end up with funky, bunched up polish. Not so with Lippmann. It's so freaking fast. As with most quick-drying polishes, though, you trade in the speed for the longevity, and I found this nail polish to last no longer than your normal store brand. However: with topcoat and base coat you might have better luck - the speed alone bumps this polish from "all right" to "I'd pick it."

CitySlicker Says: What have I been dreaming of? I dreamed you nail lacquer. OMG, this is by far one of the best polishes I have used EVER! I have gone through the gamut of cheapies to expensive. I usually go for the mid ranged polishes, this way I can get 2 as opposed to 1. I was a newbie to the Lippmann line. I knew about them and frequently would see the line at C.O. Bigelow. I don’t know why I didn’t jump sooner. I have had I Dreamed you on my tootsies for over a week and they look as good as they did when I applied. I have no chips, the color looks shiny and it still looks fresh (aside from the fact that my nails are growing). I can’t recommend all you polish-o-holics to get a hold of one of these lacquers. I can pretty much say you will be hooked. I Dreamed you is a lovely opalescent color that is pinkish with a tinge of lavender too. I looked at the other colors in the line and there is totally something for everyone. I will be making the investment in these. I am in love!


Lydia said...

Wow thats awesome! My nailpolish actually chips after like a day! Ugh I hate it! I need to look into this!

Amanda S. said...

it really does make a huge difference than those cheapo brands!