Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review - Crabtree & Evelyn Gardener's Liquid Hand Soap

Our delicious hand soap blended with alfalfa, carrot root, rosemary leaf, sage and chicory leaf leaves hands feeling clean and refreshed after a day in the garden.
  • Naturally deodorizing
  • Alfalfa and herbal extracts
  • Mild pH balanced formula
Scent: Fresh green clover, lavender, sage rosemary and thyme.

I am very disappointed to have to admit that there is virtually no gardening in my life. Sad, sad, sad, but I still absolutely love this hand soap. It is soooo fresh and herby, and it really gets rid of any kind of nasty smell your hands might have picked up (ie. cooking scents, garbage , cleaning products) whatever it is this hand soap cleans you up, without drying you out. It really is amazing, and so yummy smelling! It lathers up instantly, and is a much better consistency than many less expensive brands. It is thin enough that it can really loosen all grit and dirt that you could have possibly picked up anywhere! I can't really say enough about it, I got it as a Christmas gift this year, and I have to say I was absolutely thrilled. I would definitely recommend this as a gift for a friend, or for yourself if you are tired of all those super-drying liquid soaps on the market. This is really one of the best liquid soaps I have ever tried.

Sheba says I don't think I can say much more than Deedlejuse. This soap is truly one of the best on the market. It's fragrance is just wonderful and refreshing. It removes every bit of dirt you might have on your hands without drying them out. I had heard about it from people who do garden and get their hands into a dirt frenzy. Dirt and mud are over and in the skin and nails -- but disappear quickly when this soap is used. I figure if it can help with gardeners' hands, it can help with any one's hands. It really works well while lathering up and smelling so nice and fresh. Deedlejuse mentioned this soap as a present and I totally agree with her - it makes a terrific present that you can be sure the recipient will appreciate. So whether you buy it as a present for yourself or someone else - you will love it!! You might discover that you don't really need moisturizing cream when you use this -- however, I would recommend their hand cream for gardeners also.

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