Thursday, March 5, 2009

Review- Mario Badescu Lip Wax (SPF 15)

Soften and shield your lips from the harsh effects of the sun, cold and wind. Contains a blend of Rose Hips, Palm Oil and Vitamin E Oil for an emollient, creamy lip treatment. Protects against UVA and UVB rays and deliciously fragranced with Black Currant Extract. $7 with SPF, $5 without

I cannot live for more than 15 minutes without lip balm. My dry pucker is in constant need of moisture. My lips have met their new best friend in Mario Badescu Lip Wax (SPF 15). I'm head-over-heels in love! Not only does this wax feel great, not only does it have my beloved sunscreen, but it also lasts and lasts. I put it on before I go to bed & it's still there when I wake up. I'm in awe! My lips haven't been this pampered in a long time. And despite the fact it contains extract of Black Currant (which I would hate if it was strong), it has no taste whatsoever. It's everything I look for in a lip balm- and so affordable. Now I just need one for every room! P.S. I've been back to buy this stuff 3 times since my first tube. I'm addicted!

Amanda S. Says: I've been desperate for a collection of lip balms and glosses with sun protection after reading in the news that regular lip gloss lacking in some sort of sunscreen can increase the risk of skin cancer around the mouth and on the lips! Mario Badescu makes great product anyway, so I was more than happy to see this is SPF 15 and wow.... it goes on super smooth and is so silky and great, not waxy or clumpy like some lip waxes can be. I am using this as my primary lip product when I'm out in the sun and need some protection.

Joyce says: This lovely, lightly scented lip balm has a softer texture than most. It glides over lips rather than drags, and instantly makes lips feel good. The first time I put it on I did what most people do: I pressed and moved my lips together to make sure it was evenly distributed. I remember thinking, “This Feels Really Good,” and wished someone was on hand to kiss. I highly recommend it. Just heed my warming: use of this product may cause you to find someone to use it on in a lip-to-lip encounter.

CitySlicker Says: I can’t live without out a lip balm; I use it underneath my lippie in the AM and slather it on at night... Upon my first application I notice that this is different than others I have used, this is nothing like Chapstick. It feels very soft to the lips touch. It’s also very light & delivers moisture. My lips feel smooth and relaxed after a day of heavy drying gloss too. I will not be taking this out of the house, therefore no risk of losing a new fav! It also adds enough shine to wear alone and get a pretty shine too!

Deedlejuse says:
Um, I'm sorry but this is the absolute best lip whatever I have ever tried. Literally I don't think that "Lip Wax" is an appropriate name for this lovely stick of wonderfulness. My lips are softer than ever, yes ever, and the initial 5 min. of having it on are like pure bliss. It doesn't have a flavor, which I love because I don't lick my lips when that is the case. The scent, which I think Joyce said was lovely, is. It is so light and unobtrusive, not really minty, but not coconut, I don't know it is just nice. I think that the best part is definitely that it feels like the entire stick is going on to your lips in one fell swipe, but really there is absolutely no difference in the amount there was before you put it on. Please, please, please give your lips the pleasure of this lip wax!

Sheba says: Me too!!! They should change the name -- lip wax is NOT appropriate. Wax fits Chapstick. 'Lip Silk' might better give customers an idea of what to expect inside this plain little tube. I have had excellent experience with Mario Badescu products and this one is at the top. I was afraid that anything good for your lips and that protects them from the sun might have to be waxy and medicinal. I am so glad I am wrong. This is smoothing something very soothing over your lips that not only looks good -- but it DOES good. You can wear it just for protection and/or for the great shine that it provides. It also has some staying power - even for me -- who wears anything off quite fast. This lasts for a while. I now need to pick up a few more. Once I find something that works this well -- I want one at home, one in the purse, one in the car, and one in the desk at the office. I do not think that is overdoing -- especially with a product like this. Mario Badescu has done it again!!

Maria says: You know, I was never a big fan of lipbalms - every one I had ever tried left me with filmy, waxy, cakey lips that felt coated and yukky.....I was a just-say-no- to lipbalmer....And then things got interesting.....Last year I decided to give them another shot and found a couple that I deemed VERY worthy. Now this little tube of magic from Mario Badescu? I love it. It feels so amazing going on - smoothing, soothing, but with a lovely shine as well - a shine that lasts a VERY long time WITHOUT the sudden urge I had always had in the past to wipe it off b/c it had started to feel waxy and icky on. This does not do that at all. On the contrary - your lips feel pampered and comforted. I kind of have to have it with me at all times. Sheba's right - it SHOULD be called Lip Silk b/c that's how your lips feel with this little wonder on. This is so NOT your mother's Chapstick...what this IS - is a lipbalm you HAVE to try. You'll love it.

Movie Maven says: It's winter, ladies. Your lips are dry. PARCHED. SEARCHING for moisture. And out of the Sahara-like climes of a northern winter comes an oasis for your lips, in the form of this lip wax. Now, unlike some of my fair colleagues on this blog, I am not one to wax rhapsodic about lip product. I have a lot of it, but I tend to lose it very quickly in one of my many purses. But this lip makes me want to write poetry. It is so good. You will love it. That is all.

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