Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review - Nintendo Wii Fit

So I know that this site is dedicated generally to beauty products, but in my opinion this is THE MOST important part of my beauty regimen right now. I have had the Wii Fit for exactly eight days, tonight will be my eighth workout, and I have to be honest I am already seeing improvements in both my body shape and those little aches and pains that have been showing up recently. I am about to turn 25 (gasp), and I know that sounds young to many, but I have allowed myself to become very unfit. And I'm not just talking about the extra pounds I have managed to pack on since college, I am really talking about the fact that I am a) much less flexible than acouple of years ago b) lack any sort of muscle definition c) don't have the strength that I had before d) have acqured a constantly sore ankle and knee aaannnddd hip! So yes, I am sure that I am young for these problems, but I'm still having them.
I belong to a gym, and I go at least four days a week for at least an hour a day, but I was constantly focusing only on cardio, and wasn't sparing time on stretching and strength training. There just isn't enough time between work, the boyfriend, life ect. Also I don't know about your gym but mine closes early on any day that seems convenient to them, grr.
Back to the Wii Fit, this game is not easy, it really tells it like it is. There is a daily log, it gets mad at you if you skip a few days (very helpful for me) and it weighs you and gives you all specific details about your center of balance, when I started apparently my Wii Fit age was 35, I'm down to 29! You can either do Yoga (awesome but so hard!), strength training, aerobics, or balance games. All in all you can get a pretty decent workout in about an hour a day, and it can be whenever you want it to be, which is the most important part I think. I strongly recommend this game even if you don't think your unfit, I bet you'll be surprised by how much better you'll feel. Oh, and my ankle knee and hip problems have all but disappeared!

CitySlicker Says: I too, have the Wii fit along with the guitar hero. I have had it since Feb. I have it in the basement since there is more room down there and the floor is tiled so it's sturdier than the livingroom. I think my favorite is the hula hooping. I think it totally helps with freedom of motion and is actually fun. The more you use it the more you can unlock more challenging levels.. My hubbie is in love with the boxing and tennis.. I just can't get into those. The yoga is fun too. I swear if you are a couch potato then this is perfect for you, it's a video game workout all in one. I go to the gym mon-fri and mostly get down to use the Wii on Sat & Sun. It doesn't matter what age you are there is something fun for everyone!

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