Monday, February 18, 2008

Review - Body Candy Foaming Hand Soap

Body Candy Foaming Hand Soap
Hand washing with this remarkable foaming sulfate and paraben free natural and organic cleanser is truly fun and never drying to your skin. Formulated with organic oils of coconut and olive oil and scented with a natural vanilla extract.

9 oz, approx. $10.00
My usual hand soap routine went like this: hit soap dispenser pump, catch a glop of something, wash hands, think they’re soft but know they won’t be shortly afterwards. Body Candy Foaming Hand Soap was quite a surprise after this.

First of all, product appears clear but the pump dispenses a white foam, almost like a very light mousse. The washing part was much faster and easier than pushing around a thick product and the result on my hands was delightful. They felt soft without any kind of greasy after effect and the scent was perfect. Just a hint of fragrance.

“Truly fun” seemed like a strange description for a hand soap but they’re not kidding. Body Candy Foaming Hand Soap really is fun to use, it’s both gentle and effective and it comes in a very generous size. Love it. You can find this on the internet.

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