Friday, February 15, 2008

Review - Sunsilk Anti-Poof Shampoo, Styler & Conditioner

Soft, smooth hair that doesn't poof.

I've seen the ads for this stuff and they're pretty funny (a little corny?) but I DO get poofy hair in the summer and this product would probably do me good when it gets really humid outside and my hair is a fuzzball on top near my roots. It smells really clean and nice, and out of the three (the shampoo, the conditioner, and the styler) I would say the styler is the most useful and my favorite because it gives my hair a little bit of hold but also makes it seem a little thicker and less erratic and fuzzy up front where my bangs are growing out and can do REALLY weird stuff if I don't keep them in check. These products can all be had for under $5 which is a steal and they are 100% comparable to those 'anti-frizz products that are over $10-15 in drug stores. If you've got poof-fuzz, try this stuff first.

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