Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tricks of the Trade - Shiny Hair

CitySlickers Says:
On a recent trip to the hair salon. I went to a new friend's stylist and this guy cut my doo in a totally new way for me. I am used to using all kinds of products for shine and to smooth it out.. He told my to stop wasting my money and start utilizing my cold shot on my hair dryer.. He mentioned that in order for the hair to shine, I need to close the cuticle and to do that use cold air. So when I am finished drying the doo then to go over everything with the cold shot and instantly my hair would be shinier.. Well, I have been doing it and it does work but it doesn't give you that super slick shiny hair, it does give it a natural shine that looks healthy and not over processed.. I do like the over processed super shiny look too.. So a little tip from me to you!

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