Sunday, February 3, 2008

Review - Oral-B Sonic Complete S320 Deluxe

Multiple Brushing Modes for Complete Mouth Care $93.99
Powerful Plaque Removal
Firmer, Healthier Gums
Naturally Whiter TeethResults Guaranteed*
*or your money back
3 Modes
Clean for a complete cleaning of your teeth and gums
Soft for the gentle care of your tongue and other sensitive areas
Massage for a gentle stimulation to help keep gums firm and healthy
This Oral-B Sonic Complete model includes:
3 Brushing Modes - Customized brush settings for teeth, gums and tongue
Advanced Brush Head Technology - Angled CrissCross™ bristles for a better clean
Ergonomic Handle - Slim, light non-slip handle for better control
2-Minute Timer - Indicates when the professional recommended 2-mintue brushing time has been reached
Professional Timer - Signals at 30-seconds intervals to encourage a more complete brushing of the four quadrants of your mouth.
Charger Stand and Refill Storage Tower
Two Oral-B Sonic Complete brush heads
Deluxe Travel Case

CitySlicker Says:

This brush has changed the way I care for my teeth. I had one of these for about 3 years and it just stopped working. During that time, my visits to the dentist were great and cleaning was a breeze. This brush really aids in stopping the build-up of plaque - I would experience plaque on the lingual side of my front teeth and it was always a problem. Every time I went to the dentist, I would find that they would be scraping that area. The first check-up after using there was a dramatic difference: I was in the chair for a shorter time and there was no heavy scraping. The hygienist even remarked on it. My teeth feel super clean, like just coming from the dentist all the time. I am writing this to tell you that I have been without the brush for a couple of weeks and a manual brush just doesn't cut it. My teeth don't have that super clean feeling and I swear, there must be plaque starting to prosper. I couldn't bear it so I picked a new one up at Target. I paid $119.99 and I am NEVER about not looking for a deal - this is how desperate I felt. Well, last night was my first night with a new brush and immediately my teeth feel the same clean and polished way they did before.

I also want to mention that my teeth are sensitive and I do have some receding gums (product of brushing too hard). This has 3 settings: a mild vibration, medium, then a more vibrating action. I am perfectly fine with the medium setting and the dentist hasn't made any comments about my gums since. I get no additional sensitivity from use and will replace when this one goes. I am quite happy about getting 3 years out of the first. I do get the replacement heads on Ebay, I have found them to be the best prices.

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