Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Review - Caress Body Wash

Caress Japanese Exotic oil infusions lets you discover the magic of Japan enriched with a tantalizing blend of white lotus cream and Kukui nut oil. Japanese Exotic Oil Infusions gives your skin the deep moisture right from the shower with skin feeling so sensuously silky you’ll enchant everyone around you.

This is more like a shower cream than a body wash. It is quite thick and sort of greasy looking before you start lathering your pouf. It didn’t lather particularly well because the cream is so thick, and you really need to be careful when you are getting out of the container, it comes out fast! I personally wasn’t a big fan of the “Japan” fragrance it was too heavily oriental for the morning, perhaps for a relaxing after dinner shower it might be better. For all of the negatives that I have mentioned I left the shower feeling more hydrated and moisturized than I had from many of the lotions and creams I have used recently. I get really dry during this season so anything that soaks up and stays with you for a period is appreciated. It made my skin feel sleek and smooth for the rest of the day, I hardly felt like I needed lotion.

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