Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Review - Nougat Bath Truffle

Loaded with Cocoa Butter these bath truffles melt in warm water to release. The intense moisturizing property of natures finest butter leaving the skin hydrated and protected. Either cut in half or drop in the bath whole, allow the truffle to slowly melt, sink in and let your mind drift away.

Deedlejuse said:

These bath truffles made the water feel almost butter soft and very silky. The scent was mild, not quite as intense as some others that I have used, but definitely there and quite pleasing. I used the fig and pink cedar and it had a musky sort of woody scent with a fruity top that was very refreshing and calming. My skin afterwards felt very slick, like I really had a layer of Cocoa Butter around my whole body, and my skin smelled faintly for the rest of the night. I would recommend that you cut the truffle in half (I didn’t and it took longer that my bath was warm to dissolve), and also that you toss it into the tub when you first turn on the water. The package is beautiful; it would look nice in any bathroom. I think that this would be a really easy gift.

Amanda S. Says:

I agree with Deedlejuse, these are great and I am a *big time* bath person, I take a bath at least twice a week to relax and soften my skin and calm it down if I feel itchy and dry. This was super moisturizing and my skin has been soft all day after using them the night before. I actually did break the truffle in half before using because it seemed pretty big, and the smell lasted all night and gave the entire room a nice hint of scent (it wasn't overbearing by any means however). I would love to receive these as a gift anytime and hands down they're better than the scented bath salts and fizzies I use quite often.

CitySlicker says:

I agree with what the other girls reported on the bath truffles. This is an amazing new concept. I have never seen a product that melts like this in the tub. I used both of the nougats Tuberose & Jasmine and the fig and pink cedar.. The first time I used the Fig & Pink Cedar, it did take a while for it to melt.. It's very dense and feels slippery soft in the tub.. The water got cloudy as it melted. I think this is nothing like a bath bomb/bath fizzy. I noticed right after jumping in that the water was very soft on my skin. Deedlejuse mentioned that you feel enveloped by a layer on your skin, she's right . It's amazing.. I wasn't greasy, my body felt soft and smooth. The best part is everything rinsed away in the tub.. When I was done I turned on the shower and gave it an addt'l rinse, pouf all gone.. I love that, some products leave a heavy residue in the tub and it's not worth the cleanup!

I found after use I didn't need a body moisturizer, this scent was almost gone when I was dried. I did notice that it's not an overwhelming scent in the tub. It's full of moisture not perfume. I noticed on the first one that it didn't melt. The second time around I popped it in when I turned on the water. It dissolved on the second time and I waited till the bath was full to get in, it looks like a swishy swirl of marshmallow, cloudy and inviting! LOL, I crack myself up!

The scents are yummy. The fig & pink cedar is musky and reminds my of musk at dusk, a bath fizzy and the tuberose & pink jasmine is a pretty girly floral that isn't overwhelming but light and airy!

I also wan't to mention what a wonderful innovative site Nougat has, there are some great cool looking spa items. The packaging is amazing very girly and pretty. It's the kind of stuff you want to share with other but become to greedy since you really want it for yourself, at least I do! I can also see there products being left out to display in the bathroom. I think this is a wonderful line and look forward to see a lot more of them..

Joyce says:

This nougat is the size of a golf ball. The scent is light, which is great because I don’t like to feel overpowered by scent or sneeze once it starts to diffuse. I was concerned it might make the tub slippery, but it didn’t. And, I add, my nougat lasted for two 25-30 minute baths. Maybe it’s because I dropped it into the water instead of placing it under the water flow. Who knows? I only know I liked the experience of it and how my skin felt after. I bathe every day. Maybe the Easter Bunny will put some of these yummy bits into my basket.

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