Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Review - Shea Terra Organics Shea & Vitamin E Body Spray

We're hooked! No product comes close to our shea body sprays (we know we're not supposed to brag, but these sprays are so good we feel it's our duty). Our sprays are not like "dry sprays" made with silicone oils that have become so popular. These beautifully scented sprays quench your skin, not dry it out. Our 100% natural sprays are made with shea oil, fruit extracts, essential oils and a whopping 5% natural vitamin E in every bottle. Spray on after each shower for super soft and fragrant skin all day long. No muss and no fuss - this is a great way to get your shea!
Madagascar Vanilla Shea Body Spray- (5 oz.)Lush, enticing real vanilla - rub it on. The rich scent will linger for hours. $10.95

CitySlicker Says:

I am hooked too. This is the most luscious vanilla scent. It smells like a toll house cookie before adding the chocolate chips.. It's dreamy.. I was initially scared to use this, thinking I was going to be like an oil slick unable to get dressed in fear of my clothes sopping up the oil.. This is SO not the case.. It's a rich and thick spritz that is instantly absorbed into my skin, it's really amazing, I think seeing is believing. It's perfect after shaving or just to keep really soft and smooth. I do apply this in the shower to avoid spritzing the bathroom floor, I then give the shower a quick rinse and it's all good.. This is a really nice hydrating formula that leave my skin smelling delicious and feeling soft, smooth and hydrated all day.. The cool thing is that you can sometimes find coupons for their site too so this enables us to buy MORE!! They have some other amazing products too!

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