Friday, February 22, 2008

Review - L'annine Lemon Hand and Body Cream

This non-greasy moisturizer is formulated to heal and protect dry, chapped skin. It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types, yet tough enough to be recommended for a diabetic's foot care plan.

I've been using this cream on my hands for 2 days at work after my many compulsive hand washes, and there is something really unique about it. I'm not sure if it's the fact that it is 'silicone based' as the packaging says, or what, but it absorbs incredibly fast and really plumps up and hydrates my skin with absolutely no greasy weird after-feel. I have to admit though, even though I think the cream in and of itself is top notch, the truly significant factor here to me is the smell. It smells like Pez and I can't stop smelling my hands after I put it on! I love the smell, it's really delicious and cute.

Joyce says:

This is the kind of product I’d love to have with me all the time for my hands. I used it on my legs, as well. At first I thought it wasn’t doing much. I waited a minute then stroked my legs again. They were smooth, and I realized I’ve become used to greasier products. I can see that this is perfect to use anytime, but especially when wearing more delicate fabrics like silk or lace, and especially in the summer. I also liked the light, fresh lemony scent.

CitySlicker Says:

I am on board with the other reviews. I found this to be an exceptional hand cream. I have used it at home after washing my hands and at work. I need a hand cream that doesn't leave my palms greasy. I am known to have sweaty palms so you can understand why a dry palm that is grease free is nec. This cream is just that. it goes on and it seems within a minute after rubbing on, it's completely absorbed and hands are velvety soft and smooth. The scent reminds me of a lemon lollipop. It's lemony and sweet at the same time. I am also seeing an improvement around my cuticles.. Hallelujah!!

Deedlejuse Says:

I totally agree with everyone above. This cream is really amazing! It leaves your hands so silky smooth, and smells amazing. I actually think the smell might be my favorite part of this hand cream. Not because I don't love the way it makes my hands feel, or am not amazed by it's staying power, and haven't noticed a difference in the overall look of the skin on the back of my hands, because I have noticed all of those things. The reason that my favorite part is the smell is because it smells soooooo wonderful. I love it, it is like a sweet lemony pie or something. This is the best smelling natural lotion ever. Two happily moisturized thumbs up!

Sheba says: I found this cream to be extremely effective. Other creams work well and I am happy with them. This goes beyond. My skin seems to drink it up and then quickly show me the results. I wash my hands numerous times a day as I do have my dog and he is a licker. My hands get dry from all of the washing but that dryness just disappears with this cream. You would not even know that they had been as dry as they were. This had found a place in my regime for sure. However, I selected the Avocado cream which has a very refreshing scent. I will definitely go for the Lemon next time around after reading all the reviews. One of my favorite scents is Fresh Sugar Lemon and it sounds like the lemon would blend with that very nicely. The cost is very reasonable for the benefits I received.

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