Sunday, February 10, 2008

Review - Peter Thomas Roth's Aloe Vera Tonic

A soothing, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, dye-free tonic with whole leaf aloe vera, and anti-oxidant micellized vitamin E and micellized vitamin A to tone, refresh and nourish the skin. This toner removes excess residue and restores skin to its natural pH, allowing skin care products that are applied afterward to penetrate better.
8 fl. oz. $32.00

CitySlicker Says:
This is a really refreshing mist that really boosts moisture and helps with chapped skin. I use this in the morning and sometimes throughout the day. I spritz it over my makeup. The mist isn't superfine so I like to hold it a good foot away from my face so I get a fine spray and it doesn't wreck my makeup. It dries down quickly and leaves my skin feeling fresh and rehydrated. It's great to use after skiing or any outdoor activities that steal the moisture. It's got a very light scent that isn't perfumy or irritating. I find that using it before applying my makeup it helps to give my face a little something extra. I really like it and it's a big bottle that lasts.

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