Friday, February 15, 2008

Review - Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara

Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara

For lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes, this best-selling mascara provides the ultimate in shaping and separation. Patented brush coats each lash, from base to tip, for superb definition.

I once saw a quiz that asked: if you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one beauty product you’d have with you? I voted for mascara. This makes no sense whatsoever except if you’re eyelash obsessed and want lovely, fringe-y eyes even if the rest of your face looks like leather!

Definicils was probably one of the first mascaras on the market created specifically to define lashes but in my book, it’s still the champion. My eyelashes kind of perk up and say, goodie, when they see me open the tube. They know the brush is going to hunt down and pay attention to each and every one of them –and make them stars.

For complaints that Definicils doesn’t make lashes thicker...hello? That’s not what it’s for. And there’s nothing to prevent doing the makeup artist thing—using a couple of coats of different mascaras to achieve a desired effect.

This is one product where you won’t have to worry that a few months later, the company will replace it with the next new thing. Lancome knows it has a classic in Definicils.

Trish Says:

I love Mascara. I love mascara that lengthens and conditions at the same time. I love mascara that defines and shapes. All these things and more are what Lancome's Definicils High Definition Mascara successfully achieves with one simple stroke. When wearing this mascara, you don't have to worry about it running or flaking off during the day. It lasts, with beautiful precision and a bit of perkiness too. My eyelashes looked pretty and kept up without any residual mess whatsoever. Only downside, which is important for people with thin eyelashes, this product unfortunately does not add any thickness or volume, so your eyelashes while well-defined and looking long and pretty, won't thicken up miraculously before your eyes. Although, if you are graced with luscious lashes, this product will make them that much more long, luxurious, and lovely, but if you're one of the few like me with thin and sparse lashes, this mascara only lengthens and defines, without filling in the some of spaces in between. This is a high quality and well-defined mascara without any added pretensions nor extensions for that matter. If you have nice and thick lashes, you'd definitely want to treat them well and add extra love to them with Lancome's Definicils High Definition Mascara, it’ll show.

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