Sunday, February 3, 2008

Review - Go Smile B1 Tooth Whitener

What it is- A patented teeth whitening ampoule technology designed as an alternative to in-office whitening. Clinically tested, highly effective, easy-to-use.
What it does- Whitens natural teeth optimally and safely lifts stains from porcelain crowns and veneers.

CitySlicker Says:

I want to start by telling you I have super sensitive teeth. I use sensodyne toothpaste all the time. I have tried a lot of the strip whitening methods and found that I can use a single strip only every couple of days. When I followed the actual recommended usage, my teeth felt like they were going to fall out. I have been a sincere customer of Go Smile for a long time. I love the results and don't suffer using these ampules. I find that usage is super easy - I use 2 ampules a day and it takes a couple of minutes for each use. I do the recommended twice a year. I find by day three, I can notice a difference. I get no sensitivity from the Go Smile either. There are actually fun to use and the results last. I am in the end of a box right now and my teeth are looking great. When I apply the ampule to the teeth and squeze, I start rubbing in a circular motion over my teeth and it turns into a light foaming action then settles. The taste isn't terrible but it's a little strange. It dissipates quickly and there is no residue left behind. I apply after brushing in the AM & PM. The only downfall is the price. It's $89, but when compared to other dental whitening methods this actully inexpensive. I will continue to use!

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