Friday, February 8, 2008

Review - Shu Uemura H9 Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil - Acorn

A hard eyebrow pencil used to create and shape the eyebrows. Unique color pigment releases only when it interacts with the oil in the eyebrow hairs. The result is natural, defined brows without the “drawn on” look.

My skimpy eyebrows means I never have to obsess about eyebrow plucking appointments but it does mean I’ve wasted a ridiculous number of hours in my life looking for what I called “The Goldilocks Brown Eyebrow Pencil.” Something that wasn’t too khaki, too red, too taupe, too dark or too powdery. In other words, something that was Just Right.

Shu Uemura used to make an eyebrow pencil in a color called “Oak” that was excellent. Then they stopped making it—I hate that! When they came out with a new line, that included a color called “Acorn,” I figured it was a sneaky way of bringing back “Oak.” I was right except “Acorn” is even better. It’s a just right, natural brown that lets your eyebrows frame your eyes, not hog all the attention.

If you’re using a softer pencil, the hard formula may take a bit of getting used to but it’s worth it. A lot of women seem to have discovered the same thing because “Acorn” is often sold out at Shu Uemura counters. Not to worry. The salespeople are very good about taking your name and calling you when the next shipment comes in. And it’s not a bad idea to just buy two of them the next time your pencil gets down to a nub!

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