Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Review - Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Scrub

Has the same fresh lemon + sage scent as our best-selling butter. Made to be massaged on pre-shower, it’s circular scrubbing grains lift away dead cells, leaving your skin smooth, supple and silky.
This is, hands down, the best smelling body scrub I have ever used. It smells so delicious I can hardly describe it other than to say, AWESOME. and the scrubbing abilities go above and beyond these two usual possibilities: too little scrub with a not so awesome smell, and too MUCH scrub that makes you feel raw and icky with a not as awesome smell. Did I mention that I love how this stuff smells? Seriously it's fantastic.
For me, OK, sure, $30 for a 12 oz bottle is a bit steeper than what I'd usually pay for a body scrub but I have to admit, it's THAT good that I think I am going to do it, my skin hasn't been this soft and shiny smooth in a while, even after a thorough body scrubbing with other products and my religious affiliation with heavy Moisturizers.

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