Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Review - Sea Blossom Soap

Calming $6.50 100% natural, extra mild Calming Shea Butter soap with Calendula extract has soothing botanicals and a beautiful new look!

CitySlicker Says:

This is a lovely moisturizing soap.. It's got a light scent that kind on my skin. There is nothing perfumy about this bar. I found that it doesn't lather up into a thick froth, it's more creamy. I used it two ways, to wash the entire bod as well as to shave with. I found that it's great to shave with, my legs were nice and smooth after.. It's been pretty dry around my neck of the woods so my legs can get itchy when I don't moisturize. This soap left my skin feeling good enough to stand on it's own. I find anything with Shea Butter is wonderful to my body. I liked this soap and would look into picking up more. I found that the light, earthy scent didn't cover me in fragrance, it was so light that I didn't really notice once I dried off. I had no adverse reactions from the soap, a plus in my book.. The Sea Blossoms site looks like got some bathing beauty goodies for all the peeps who indulge in spa days at home!

Deedlejuse says:

I used a different kind of soap than Cityslicker, the Chocolate Shea, but I had similar results. It lathered up nicely, but again not a very thick froth, which I actually preferred. The smell was really lovely, not overwhelmingly chocolaty, sort of like a mug of cocoa, perfect for a decadent bath before bedtime. I’m sure everyone else has used Shea soap before so understands the difference between the soft richness of Shea soap and the hard texture of a bar of glycerin soap, but I hadn’t and it was a wonderful experience. I would definitely try a few other flavors of this soap... But I do love chocolate!

Hillary says:

My soap is French Lavender. It smells great, like true lavender essential oil. I don't usually like to use bar soap on my hands as I'm a bit of a compulsive washer & it tends to dry them out. This bar- not so much. My hands felt fine, not tight after their fourth wash of the day. Couple that with the great fragrance & I may just conquer my fear of washing my hands with a bar (ok, that's not entirely likely).

Joyce says:
I tried Vanilla Milk & Honey and loved the scent of this handcrafted item. I also appreciated the fact a soap didn’t dry my skin out when I used only it. If I used dish liquid then used the soap, I did have to use a moisturizer. My thought was if I checked with the soap crafter and learned it was safe for babies (I’m pretty sure it’s safe for toddler ages and up), I’d definitely use it for their baths or to wash their hands. People would pick up my little angel and say, “This is exactly how a baby should smell.” Definitely for babes of all ages.

Amanda S. Says:

I received the White tea & Ginger scented soap, and it has glitter. I LOVE GLITTER (it's a guilty pleasure of mine...). Now, I am a person that *makes* my own soap by hand, so I am super picky when given a bar of soap and this stuff really does have a really soft smell, a long life, great consistency and after using my skin felt very soft and nice. A+ on this product, if you are big into scented/gift soaps Sea Blossom is a great place to start.

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