Sunday, February 3, 2008

Review - OPI Orginal Nail Envy

Natural Nail Strengthener $16.50
Strengthens natural nails and prevents peeling, cracking, splitting
CitySlicker Says:
This is the only product that works on my dry, brittle, peeling nails. I have always had very weak nails. I never really had that pretty perfect manicured look. My nails will grow, then break or peel. It's a constant struggle. Well, this is one product I have used and got great results. The smell is strong. It dries very quickly. I have been applying 2 coats a day then removing every 5 or six days then starting over. I overheard someone in the salon saying this so I am giving it a go and so far so good. I don't wear colored polish, so it's easy to maintain and my nails actually feel stronger and aren't peeling as long as they are polished. I do notice that this does chip on occasion, so I just remove and start over so I don't have a rigid looking nail. I can no longer bend my nails - they are so weak that I usually can. I am going to stick to this product and will definitely pick more up when I am done. I think the key is keeping up with applying daily; it seems like it revitalizes the nail and really adds strength!

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