Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Review: Oscar Blandi Alla Crema Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo Alla Crema Shampoo For Chemically Treated Hair Shampoo $20

Alla Crema Shampoo is a moisture-infused shampoo based on sea-algae that helps protect and hydrate hair, restoring it to its natural, healthy state. It not only infuses your hair with an abundance of moisture, it actually locks that moisture into your hair to improve the hair's elasticity and vitality, as it restores light reflection required for shine. When your shampoo has this much moisture, you don't have to depend on your conditioner to do all of the work!

Balsamo Alla Crema Conditioner For Chemically Treated Hair $20.00
Balsamo Alla Crema Conditioner supplies intense moisture and conditioning benefits to chemically treated, overstressed hair without weighing it down. The curative qualities of sea-algae drastically improve elasticity and reinforce and strengthen hair's cuticle, as the high humectant element maximizes shine. Regular use will significantly improve the condition of the hair.

CitySlicker Says:
After reading Deedlejuse's review of the Neutrogena hair mask, I wanted to add my review of the Blandi stuff I have. This is the third set I have purchased. I tried it last summer. I have color treated hair (obviously)! I consider my hair to be dry also. I do my best to keep it healthy and I love the results I get using these 2 items. First of all, the smell is like a yummy banana popsicle. It's fruity and not overly perfumy. The shampoo is creamy and works up into a nice thick lather - it rinses quickly and leaves no build up behind. I do get some snarls after use, but once I use the conditioner, it loosens and smoothes out my hair. I want to mention that I don't feel like I smell like a toddler after rinsing either, the scent is pretty much gone unless I take a breath of my 'do, close to my nose, so if you are opposed to the scent don't worry about that. I can easily run a comb through my hair after towel drying as well. I do get a couple of snags here and there, but not many at all. My hair is fine so I can't comment on the performance of coarse or thick hair.
When I dry my hair I totally notice a nice shine and fewer fly aways. My hair feels soft and smooth. I will be rebuying this...I can't live without it! I use about twice a week.

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