Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review - Sun Feather Bar Soap

SunFeather's handcrafted artisan soaps feature our renowned olive oil soap base and the finest ingredients, botanicals and essential oils.

CitySlicker Says:

I have one of the Eco Bar soaps in the Circle of Life Fragrance which sells for $6 a bar. It's a heavy dense bar of soap, it reminds me of the soap I used as a kid no nonsense, a bar to suit all the needs of a dirty bod.. This scent of the Circle of life is a blend of rosemary, vanilla, patchouli, lemon verbena, oatmeal, sweetgrass, & mint.. It's scrumptious. I can really pick up the rosemary and mint.. I am getting a really nice lather also, I really didn't expect that from such a natural looking product. I thought it would be weak and creamy. I am really liking it. I did leave it in the shower after the first use; It started to melt.. I am now moving it out of moisture's way. I also use with a bath pouf so this small bar is really lasting. It's got a fresh scent that isn't perfumey at all. The scent is light on my skin and doesn't interact with anything else I wear. I recommend a look at this line, there are SO many products to chose from.. Nice & moisturizing too..

Deedlejuse says:

I have been using the rose cranberry 2oz bar of olive oil based soap. It has a wonderfully pungent fragrance that is quite romantic and really beautiful. It is sort of spicy and floral, the rose and fruit is a really nice combo I think. The smell didn’t really overwhelm the other fragrances I wore, though it did last throughout the day. I don’t really like bar soap in general because it just feels like there is something left on my skin. This one, unfortunately, has left me with that same hard feeling. I also didn’t really get a wonderful lather from the bar. I was using it just as a bar soap straight on my skin, though, and I think I might have avoided that if I had used it with a pouf like CitySlicker. It didn't zap my skin of moisture like some other bars, which is a definite advantage. This soap does come in beautiful packaging, and really smells delish!

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