Monday, September 10, 2012

Review - Duri Nail Polish in That Summer Feeling

As summer comes to an end, I decided to bid my farewell by wearing Duri's That Summer Feeling.   Even though I got up this morning and it was in the 60's,  I looked at my nails and still felt like it wasn't over just yet. It packs a bright punchy and deep orange color.

This is my first time trying Duri.  I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised.  The formula goes on smooth and dries fairly quickly.  With this color, you will need a second coat.  It tends to be a little pasty when it goes on because of the creamy consistency.  Kind of like an orange creamsicle!

I like the fact that Duri is close to home.  They are located in Brooklyn NY.  They sell these polishes $5 each.  This is a great price for salon quality nail color. Regular drug store nail polishes are the same price!

If you haven't tried Duri as yet, give them a chance.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  I am looking forward to trying their glitters! 

Trish says: I also tried Duri's nail polish in a neon mint green called Summer Rain. I'm so happy that the bottle runs for about $5 each because I would expect for such a nice quality and rich enamel, it would be higher. I did use two coatings and that seemed to cover all I needed for a brightly painted salon-style manicure. I'm most impressed with the thick coating and vividness of the color! The Duri nail polish has so many right things going for it - in color, texture and value - that  I'm looking forward to their latest fall/winter collection! I agree with Sultana, pick a color you'd love and give it a try, I was happily surprised as well!

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