Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review - Face Stockholm Lash Boosting Mascara

Lash Booster

Get noticeably longer, thicker and fuller lashes after only one day of use!
This revolutionary, strengthening and lengthening mascara with Booster Complex – a blend of rich vegetable waxes and polymers – nourishes and stimulates the growth of eyelashes.
Use Lash Booster as your everyday mascara for at least 60 consecutive days and get clinically-proven, measurable results: lashes up to 1.5 mm longer and 15% fuller! $34

You all know from my previous posts, that I love a good mascara.  Mascara with a growth formula to boot, makes it that much better.  FACE Stockholm is one of those classic companies that manage to come out with new goodies to keep with the trends. 

I am used to bigger brushes, but this one had a normal sized brush. I instantly got longer and thicker lashes after applying.  The formula goes on smooth without any clumping.  Two coats will do.  Also make sure the coats are thin, even coats. My lashes felt extremely conditioned and glossy even after I washed it off later that night. 

The price is $34, but remember you are paying for the mascara AND the lash booster.  So the price makes perfect sense. 

Hillary says:
I too, love this mascara.  It goes on super smoothly, not to watery, not too thick.  And I am all about the lash boosting products.  Anything that can help my puy lashes is great in my book and so far, this mascara delivers.  Just by applying it my lashes look boosted- I'll have to get back to you to let you know if it helps my lashes grow as it is not supposed to be magic, but gradual over a couple of weeks.  I've been using it for about four days, so I'll write in a couple of weeks as to whether my lashes are longer or not.  But as far as using it as just a mascara, it's a really great one.

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