Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review- Egon Schiele Matte Lipstick

A rich matte formula that smoothly glides on the lips with a decadent silky texture. Highly pigmented and long lasting.

Nothing says 'Hello, Fall' like a deep red lipstick! From the Egon Schiele Cosmetics studio, this matte red lipstick is classic in both color and style. It is easy to apply and highly moisturizing. The color stands out gorgeously and the lipstick has a smooth and silky feel. For me, I noticed that I needed to re-apply it frequently, within a couple of hours, to keep it looking refreshed, but the color remains and when used with a light dusting of powder, the lipstick lasted much longer and stayed put. With such a nice pigmentation, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't dry out my lips or flake. The vivid colors used in the Egon Schiele cosmetics line are inspired by the famous artist and each product seems to be made with delicate thought, care and ingredients. This is a classy red lipstick, especially for someone who likes unique and artisanal products. Even though I had to add a loose dusting of powder to keep it from running, the color itself is what makes it special.

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