Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review - Caldrea Green Tea Verbena Diffuser exclusively for Target


At The Caldrea Company, our team of earth-loving scientists, designers and passionate
home keepers use the finest plant-derived ingredients and essential oils to provide natural freshness, superior fragrances and cleaning potency. No harsh chemicals, no harsh fragrances; a simple, stylish and fresh approach to cleaning and to providing home
ambiance in a fragrance collection of your own choosing.

All our liquid products are biodegradable. Our products do not contain ammonia,
chlorine, phosphates, formaldehyde, parabens, DEA, phthalates, or petroleum distillates.

We do not test our products on animals. As a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable
Palm Oil, we only source sustainable palm oil.

Caldrea Essential Collection, the essence of Caldrea distilled into a fresh, modern
approach. Available exclusively at Target.

I absolutely love earth friendly products for my skin.  Why not embrace them for your home as well?  Lets face it, times are changing and everyone is taking a shot at being green.  After all, this planet is where we live so lets take care of it.

Caldrea is offering a variety of products, all earth friendly and intended for the home as well as your skin.

I tried the Green Tea Verbena kitchen diffuser.  It is such a light, fresh scent.  Its not overpowering, you can cook and do all of your chores but still get a gentle reminder that its there.

The little ceramic bottle is absolutely adorable.  At the top of the bottle, there is a simple little green leaf that diffuses the oil. Its refillable and pretty sturdy so there is no limit of how many times you can use it.  This collection is made exclusively for Target and costs $19.99. 

I have used many different diffusers varying from $5-$40.  The $19.99 price is pretty average.  I can definitely see myself purchasing other Caldrea products in the future. 

One last plus, for all of you animal lovers out there: Caldrea does NOT test on animals! Love, love and love!

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Anonymous said...

I bought this cute diffuser about a week ago. So cute! Except that within a few days the entire leaf was covered in green "goo" as the paint essentially melted off from the oil beng picked up by the stem in order to diffuse it. Im serious, I touched it and was covered in gooey wet paint.