Saturday, September 13, 2008

Review - Mario Badescu Chamomile Eye Cream

Sensitive and dry eyes will be soothed and intensely moisturized with this thick and antioxidant rich eye cream. Contains a blend of several oils and Vitamins A & E to help reduce the look of dry, dehydrated skin, along with fine lines and wrinkles.
Good for All Skin Types
0.5oz. - $18.00

I find this to be an excellent eye cream. I switch back and forth with brands to make sure my skin does not get really immune to the products' effects. I have no idea if this really works but I try it. This cream definitely moisturizes the eye area and I swear I do think it minimizes "the look" of the fine lines and wrinkles. It does not claim to actually minimize the lines and wrinkles - just the appearance. Most brands will limit their claims to that. Some brands can be excessively expensive and do nothing or very little. This is a moderately priced item that works for me. It treats my eye area skin very well leaving it hydrated and, like I said, it appears to have that minimizing line effect.

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