Friday, September 12, 2008

Review- Citre Shine Split End Mender Shine Miracle

Leave-in Treatment Replenishes Vitamins and Nutrients that Repair and Strengthen Split Ends. Leaves your Hair Smooth and Full of Brilliant ShineDaily Use prevents New Split ends from occurring by 90%.

I didn't really think this stuff would do anything special for me. I've been straightening my hair and dying the heck out of it for several years and I need constant maintenance of the ends of my hair (Read: cutting it all the time) to not get really bad damage. It's been just about time to trim my hair again and I decided to do an experiment, to just air dry my hair and not iron it afterward because the humidity is waning and my hair isn't as out of control as it usually is. I've also been using this stuff for about a week now, and my ends look sleek, fuzzless, and not frazzled or frizzy at all. So I think I can put off cutting it and actually grow my hair out a little, which I've been wanting to do for quite a while. I haven't found another split end mender that works like this. And it's cheap!

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