Saturday, September 6, 2008

Review - Juicy Couture Royal Body Creme

This regal crème is filled with royal bee jelly, essential nutrients, lipids and proteins - nourishment fit for the skin of a queen. $55.00

As far as body crème’s go this is by far one of the creamiest! It’s rich, thick and full of fragrance... I didn’t jump and buy the $55 jar; I have a slew of samples. It’s a big bouquet of scent, I can pick up the lily in it, as anyone knows lilies are quick strong and to rate this scent I would have to say it’s on the strong side. I think it’s very pretty and feminine to but it’s also bold too. I like the crème but don’t love it, yes it makes my skin feel amazingly soft and supple but it actually takes a long time to absorb into my skin. I use after showering and I can still feel tacky on my way to work. I am also not slathering it on, remember I am using from a sample pack. This is great for a day when you are lounging around and want to pamper yourself. If you are looking for a cream that goes on and you can get going this is not it. On the days I use the crème I don’t need any perfume at all. The scent wears on my skin throughout the day, it is so pretty. When I initially got a whiff of the Juicy Couture Fragrance I didn’t love it but having used the crème I would totally give the fragrance a go!

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