Saturday, September 13, 2008

Review - Wet N Wild Beauty Benefits Sheer Luster Lip Gloss

Prismatic pigments create multi-dimensional shine while the naturally hydrating formula keeps lips conditioned. Infused with botanical ingredients, this never-sticky gloss wears comfortably, giving you a hint of glistening, mouthwatering color.

Ummmm. Are we kidding THIS is from Wet n Wild??? I think I might be in heaven. I have always been sort of snobby when it comes to make up. When my friends, and family felt fine spending a dollar or two on Wet n Wild I absolutely had to buy the pricey stuff. I mean, of course I have tried it, those first few pieces were definitely Wet n Wild... but it was never noteworthy or superior. This lip gloss changes my mind, or maybe they just got better with their new vision. If you read this blog normally than you have noticed Movie Maven's post on their new edge, more health conscious make-up. I have to say I love this lip gloss. In fact I recently lost my purse make up bag. I know, devastating, but I lost the Smashbox awesome lip gloss (that I absolutely love...please try it!) that I reviewed earlier . I haven't replaced it yet and since I got this new Wet n Wild lip gloss I might not. It is comparable, um.. are we hearing this??? lip gloss that costs like $4 at the very most is comparable to SMASHBOX??? yeah, well It is. I have worn it for the last few days, and I had to re-apply two times, all day. Unreal. It is beautiful, I have the sheer one and it works with everything! It stays on forever ( at least 4 hours) and it moisturizes your lips so well. I have been happier with this lip gloss than many four times as expensive. Love it!

Sheba says:
I am not afraid to admit that I am one of those people who has been using Wet N Wild off and on for ages. Okay, okay, rather than admit that I am a cheapskate - I will say I am a bargain hunter. I have been semi faithful to Wet N Wild for some time. They often have better color selections than some of the snobby brands and I am a person who mixes and combines shades to get what I think is a perfect color. I can buy their white and mix it with any brand to get a softer look or a frosted look. This time I went for Toffee Glaze and it is a color that would look good on anyone. Sometimes colors can be too orangey or pinky. I can add my white or whatever to offset something like that. This Toffee Glaze is very neutral and as Deedlejuse mentioned - believe it or not, it really does last for several hours. I am normally refreshing my lipstick frequently as I am very rough on it. This has some staying power for sure as I do not have to freshen it up for 3 or even 4 hours. It glides on easily and has a very nice shine to it. You cannot beat the price and the quality is as good as a lot of my more expensive brands. Sometimes less is more!!

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