Thursday, September 25, 2008

Review - Nature's Embrace Organics Body Wash

Cleanse your skin with pure nutrients to promote healing from dehydration, sun damage, aging and harsh chemicals $24.50

This is a really different body wash for me. It’s a clear liquid, while I am used to thick and rich creams. The scent is a unique blend of energizing peppermint with relaxing lavender. It’s a blend that I didn’t think would work but completely does. There are no mixed signals either, wake up- no- go to sleep! I use this with a bath pouf and find that it lathers up into a light airy froth. My bathroom smells amazing too. I am over-using it everyday just to get the scent to remain strong while I shower. Also by using in moderation this will last a while too! It’s a yummy new take on an old product. I hope I piqued your interest cause this is a little gem of a line!

Movie Maven says:
If you've used any of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, you'll be familiar with the consistency of Nature's Embrace Organic Body Wash. It's just barely more viscous than water, which might seem strange at first, but makes sense for several reasons. Primarily, the fact that you need less of this body wash means a) it will last longer and b) it uses less packaging (since you don't need to keep buying more bottles as quickly). For consumers who are green-minded (as I would imagine most of Nature's Embrace's customers are), this is great news. Add to that fact that this body wash really does lather up well, even without the dreaded lauryl sulfates, and you've got a wonderful product. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but it will last a long time (I've been using it for two weeks and made barely a dent), and if you want to be green, this is the way to go!

Amanda S. Says: "No animal derived ingredients", boy do I love to hear that! No SLS, even better! This body wash is delicious. Actually it's more like delicious times 50. It's my favorite that I have reviewed on this site so far, maybe my favorite ever, because of the two reasons above of course, but also just because it smelled really wonderful and made my skin feel super clean without feeling tight and itchy and over perfumed with chemicals afterward. This would be great for anyone to use, sensitive skin or oily skin, boy or girl. I absolutely love it.

Joyce says:

Oils of coconut, olive, jojoba, tea tree, plus chamomile, grapefruit seed extract, and more . . . all equal healthy, healed, soothed, smoothed skin! One thing that impresses me is that this wash appears just slightly thicker than water, yet it lathers enough to let you feel as though you’re cleaning and not stripping the skin of natural emollients as a detergent would. I also use it to shave with--sort of a three-in-one: clean, shave, moisturize. And I like the fresh scent that’s neither too heavy on the lavender or the mint. I’m also inclined to try it as a shampoo, kind of an intuitive curiosity. Hmmm . . .

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