Friday, September 12, 2008

Review- Beauty Benefits by Wet 'n' Wild Triple Fusion Eyeshadow

Make your eyes dazzle with this silky eye shadow trio. Designed with 3 coordinated shades to define, highlight and brighten your eyes, you’ll get maximum beauty with minimal effort. Long lasting wear for all-day glamour.

Wet 'n' Wild has long been the line I turn to when I want to try a crazy new color without spending a lot of money. Turquoise eyeliner? Deep purple lipstick? Bright blue eyeshadow? I have all of these things because when you buy them from Wet 'n' Wild, they're just a couple bucks. But now the discount line has made a foray into the trendy world of mineral cosmetics, with an entire new, healthier line of any product you could want, called Beauty Benefits.

I tried the Triple Fusion eyeshadow in Purple Haze. While this is still definitely a discount line - the pigment isn't as intense as some products I've tried - it's a solid product and holds up well on your eyes. I like to use the darkest shade as a liner and the medium and lighter ones on my upper lid, but you can mix and match them in a number of ways. The only thing that makes me sad is that this new line comes in more natural colors, and not the bright, crazy ones I love so well! Definitely worth a look, and if you don't like it, hey, you didn't drop the big bucks.

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