Friday, September 5, 2008

Review- Gym Grooming

Volume Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Hydro Therapy Shampoo – Both offer gentle cleansing action with essential nutrients to effectively clean hair and scalp while providing fullness and thickness to the hair without weight. 12 & 32 ozs., no price listed.
Restore Daily Nutrient Conditioner – A rich, supercharged treatment with botanicals to instantly condition and detangle the hair while energizing the scalp, leaving hair soft, shiny and manageable and the scalp refreshed. 12 & 32 ozs., no price listed.
Refresh Active Body Wash - Refreshing wash designed to gently clean skin and restore proper balance, leaving skin clean with a unique blend of natural extracts containing anti-oxidants. 8 oz., no price listed.

It was a little odd testing hair and skin products for men . . . but what the heck. Volume did as promised; each of the shampoos really did leave my hair feeling clean; and they really are scented for men. I think because my hair is color-treated, the products were a bit drying for my hair. Honestly, I think any man would enjoy using them, would like how his hair and skin feels, and enjoy the fragrances. I used them enough to test them, but I’m about to give them to my friend’s husband and request he test them for me. I'll add his comments once I get them. **My friend's husband really loved the tingly, clean feeling when he used Refresh Active Body Wash. He liked the shampoos, didn't use the hair conditioner, and his wife said his hair wasn't quite as "poofy" as when we uses baby shampoo. She also used the hair products. At first, she didn't think they were working because they don't lather (this is the new "breed" of healthy shampoo: no lathering detergents, just good stuff). She also didn't feel the conditioner was doing anything (because it didn't feel like drug-store conditioners on her hair). However, once her (uncolored) hair air-dried, it was a different story. The texture was amazing, and her naturally loose curls were gorgeous. We were both impressed.

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