Friday, September 19, 2008

Review - Rusk Sensories Shampoo & Conditioner Calm Guarana and Nourishing Ginger

Rusk sensories calm guarana & ginger nourishing shampoo awakens the senses and nourishes troubled, stressed hair. Formulated with guarana extract to add a healthy, natural sheen and ginger extract to maintain the natural moisture balance.

Recently I was give a little sample bottle of this Rusk Sensories Calming Shampoo and Conditioner. It was actually the amenity shampoo and conditioner that they gave us at a hotel, if you can believe that. Let me tell you that was the first time, ever, that I was more than satisfied with the amenity shampoo at any hotel I have been to! It is literally wonderful, the scent is calming and relaxing, very aptly named. The little tiny 1.5 oz size lasted me through four washes, which for me is really amazing. I have long chemically treated blond hair, and it sucks up moisture like a towel. This shampoo and conditioner pair worked so well that I only had to use a teeny drop! Rusk is a brand I have always seen around, but just never took the time to try. Now I wish I had, I will definitely be getting this again in the future!

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The Nubian Princess said...

I must agree, just got back from San Francisco to see my family and celebrate Thanksgiving. I really dug the amendable shampoo/lotion/conditioner. Just awesome...will buy some for xmas.