Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Review - Poshe Anti-Microbial Base Coat

For healthy natural & artificial nails highly adhesive for longer wearing polish. Protects nails from damage and staining chips. Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial. No Formaldehyde, No Toulene.

I'm always wondering, why the heck does nail polish have formaldehyde in it?!? And then I see Poshe makes products without it, which is awesome. Formaldehyde can definitely soak into your skin through your nails... And wind up in all sorts of places in your body, seems pretty shady doesn't it? Well, anyway, on the bonus side, this is great base coat, it held my polish on and dried REALLY fast. There's nothing more painful than a base coat that didn't dry enough and your polish clumps or smears and then you have to start all over again. I really like this stuff, it's body safe, and it's comparable in price to other nail polishes you'd find at a drug store. Pretty soon I'm going to try out the anti-bacterial oil and I'll let everyone know how that works out too.

Sheba says:

I like the Poshe Base Coat: it applies very easily and dries quickly. It says it dries super fast and it actually does seem to so. I have many other polishes that dry quickly but this one outshines them -- it is definitely drier must faster. I have worn it a couple of days without adding color and it gives a very nice shine. Then I added my color and it did keep the color on without chipping or wearing off for quite a while. I may even try it with one of my cheapie nail colors to see if it might make it last a bit longer. It is an excellent base coat and, as Amanda mentioned, the price is very reasonable for such a good product.

Hillary says:

I love this product not only because it dries quickly (who WANTS to sit there watching paint dry?) but because it is anti-microbial. Last time I had my nails done I couldn't find my cuticle nipper to bring with me. I'm a little cautious about the sanitation at any nail salon, but I felt much safer this time because I used this anti-microbial base coat and also the Poshe Anti-Microbial Cuticle Oil. The week before I used it on it's own and it stood up to my obsessive hand washing. I feel this is a "must have" product for those of us who frequent nail salons.

CitySlicker Says:
My nails are weak, brittle and always dry so I try to keep them painted with a clear or very light polish. I always use a base so I get longer wear from my polish. I, like everyone really enjoy using this and I do believe it dry much quicker than any others I have. The formula isn’t thick and provides a great base for my polishes. I have found that no matter what the tips of my nails are the tell tale sign that I need to refresh my polish but I honestly am getting a longer run using this base than the others I have... I did put on a dark polish just for giggles to see how the base performed. I am happed to report that my nails didn’t absorb any of the color at all so all the ladies who like dark colors this is perfect for that too. On another not I love the this base coat offer all the Anti’s, I am not Miss Germ conscious but I like the face that I am getting a little extra protection cause nails with fungus’s don’t look pretty! Thanks Poshe for being so Poshe!

Joyce says:

I love this product! Using this basecoat plus their cuticle oil has made all the difference in my nails getting healthy again after being affected by “something” for over year. My fellow bloggers are right about the fast drying time. Too often, with regular polish, it’s really not dry or set enough by the time I start getting active again. Not so with this basecoat. I also notice that when I put it on, my nails feel harder. One thing: layering coat upon coat doesn’t quite do it. My hands are in and out of water and doing stuff so often during a day, I always manage to need to redo my nails often. I have layered this one if I just don’t take the time to do a fresh coat, but the fresh coat (plus another two days later as recommended) really does a far better job of giving me the nails I enjoy.

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