Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review - Holly Beth's Butterfly Lip Nectar

Naturally flavored honey and orange, mint essential oils. Soothes and protects dry, cracked lips. 100% natural. Uses NO petroleum. Uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Artisan-Crafted from family recipes

You will have no hang-ups from me when it comes to spending a little bit more on a far superior product. When I first went looking for this Butterfly Lip Nectar online I was shocked to see that it cost $7, and in fact you cannot ( I don't think) find it for less anywhere. Now,I know that you can find glosses that cost way less than this, but they are really not comparable. Holly Beth's products are all 100% natural and organic, they are inspired from Homeopathic Remedies from around the globe, and are created with care for our environment. They are based out of Georgia, and it looks like they try to use a lot of the locally grown plants. I think that is wonderful. I also think that the fact that this lip balm has Lysine in it is awesome. For anyone who is prone to lip or mouth sores of any kind you might know that lysine is the vitamin you should take when you first start feeling it. Thus, it only makes sense that having a daily dose of lysine in your lip balm is probably really good for lips.
I love everything about this Lip Nectar, from the way it glides on to the way it wears for ever. It smells faintly of orange and mint and makes your mouth tingle just a teensy bit. Love it, the only down side is that it does not have an SPF. All in all though, I now completely understand why it would cost a couple bucks more than a regular chap stick. Still for under $10 you are nurturing your lips and the environment at the same time. How could you possibly do better than that?

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