Monday, September 8, 2008

Review - Nixie Moisture Rich Lipstick

Moisture Rich Lip: Cream Shades -Luscious creamy long lasting color $14.00

I got this in Cosmic Dancer and it has become my new favorite lippie. It’s a perfect summer shade if you like a pinky nude look. It’s a great blend of pink and lavender. It goes completely smooth and doesn’t dry out my lips. This lipstick delivers a lot of color without feeling heavy, it’s such a light shade and amazingly I get complete coverage. I have been wearing this every day. I am mixing it with a gloss so I can get some summer shine. I will tell you this; it stays on and feels really comfortable. I find that I am applying my gloss more than touching up the lippie. For me this is the most superior product I have tried from the line. I look forward to picking out some shades for the fall. I forgot to mention, I love the super cute compact packaging too!

Sheba says:
'Artist' is the shade I selected in this line and I am thrilled with it. I don't think I could have picked a wrong shade as they are all gorgeous. This is like a mauve with swirls of darker and lighter shades. I am like the mad scientist with make up -- mixing and matching until I find my unique color. I love this color as it is -- but then I love it when I add some frost to it -- also when I add some white to it. It is a hit -- no matter how I wear it. I sometimes just add a little gloss to it -- other times I do not feel the need for gloss. It is very smooth and silky on me. It does stay for a little while - I just wear out every lip product there is in no time. But that is not a problem -- I am used to it and I simply refresh it from time to time. The price is definitely a little higher than a cheapskate like myself usually likes to spend. However, it wears and looks well. Oh yes, I love to double the use by appying to my cheeks as a blush. I then know my lips and cheeks blend and that I have not created a color clash on my face. So I will break down and spend the little bit extra for this product. So far the Nixie line has been one big hit for me. They have earned themselves a regular customer.

Deedlejuse says:
I TOTALLY love this lipstick! I have to agree with everyone's love and commitment to the Nixie line. It might be more expensive than the CVS cosmetics, but in my mind there is absolutely no comparison. Everything I have tried has put a smile on my face, and kept it there. This lipstick, specifically, is so nice. I am used to sort of shinier lippies, generally gloss, and I would never purchase opaque lip stick. It freaks me out, I feel that I am too young and carefree to be that restricted (this isn't really true I'm 24 and I have a customer service sort of job so I always must look well groomed). So this is one of my first real lip sticks, and the only one that has me actually grabbing for it every morning. The color I chose is "Posh" and oh my my do I feel like a movie star when I wear it! It is a very pale pink, almost white but it shimmers and shines. It is very Victoria Beckham. It stays put for much longer than other lipsticks I have tried, and you know that awesome look that can happen with some lipsticks? The ring around the lips look? I have mastered it, give me five minutes, it'll happen. Not with Nixie, this lipstick wears so well it just fades evenly over time. I love it, I will definitely try more, but maybe less daring shades.

Movie Maven says:
Loves it, loves it, loves it! Now, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you're aware that I'm not much of a "lipstick lady," since I tend to think it looks strange on my face - really artificial. But my philosophy is that if you're going to wear lipstick, you better work it out (thanks, Tyra). This lipstick really lets you put on a show. I got it in, of course, the most dramatic color possible, Cherry Bomb; it's definitely not a color I'd wear every day (though some girls would, and more power to them), but for a special evening out, or a day when I wanted to look particularly 1940s glam, it's a perfect bluey red for my cool complexion. The first thing that impressed me about this lipstick was the way it stayed on my lips and not on my glass while enjoying some wine with my roommates. I almost took a picture! There was a little residue there, but nothing like you'd see with most products. The other thing I liked was that it really felt like it was treating my lips well, instead of drying them out. And the color selection from Nixie is unparalleled - so many options! Definitely a recommended one.

Joyce says:
Review- I also agree with my fellow bloggers about how this lipstick performs. It has a nice creamy feel to it when I apply it to my lips. I don’t like lipsticks that are too waxy or drag across the lips. I had Vamp as my color. It’s a true vivid blue-based red (perfect for brunettes or brunettes who’ve chosen to go silver). It’s so vivid some may prefer to save that intensity for evenings out. If you want to soften the look, just blot it with a tissue. Doing this leaves a nice “stain” of color on, and it does stay on for a long time. Another thing I noticed was that it makes my smallish lips appear fuller. That’s a plus I hadn’t anticipated. Thumbs up, Nixie!

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