Sunday, September 14, 2008

Review - Asquith & Somerset Fijian Coconut Cream Bath & Shower Gel

Asquith & Somerset Fijian Coconut Cream Bath & Shower Gel 8.5 Fl.Oz. This Bath & Shower Gel has an exotic coconut scent that will leave your skin clean & moisturized. Use in the bath or shower in a pump container. Imported From England
Exotic Coconut Scent
Leaves Skin Clean & Wonderfully Fragranced
Use In The Bath Or Shower 8.5 Fl.Oz - Price - $14.00

I had no idea what a great deal I got until after using it. I started searching for this on various websites in order to do a review. I bought it at Home Goods on clearance for $2.00. I hate coconut but like the scent -- no it does not makes sense, I realize. However, this stuff is great. I love the container. It is so much easier to get the exact amount you want out of this. Many times the product just keeps coming out with the tubes until you have mastered them. It does lather up rather nicely but not a lot. It does feel nice and creamy as you use it. You are left with very clean, soft, and silky skin that is lightly fragranced. The scent does fade shortly after use. This is what I want -- I do not want to compete with the cologne I am using for the day. I really do like this product but doubt I would pay the full $14.00 price plus shipping and handling. I will continue to bargain shop and hopefully run into this again and again. Hey, maybe I should check EBay!!

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