Saturday, September 13, 2008

Review - Revlon Flex Balsam & Protein Frequent Use Triple Action Conditioner, Extra Body

For hair in need of some hydration, Flex® Conditioner is the perfect way to restore lost moisture and protect against breakage. This unique conditioning formula supplements your hair's natural moisture, while strengthening and protecting during wet and dry combing. $2.69

Let me repeat Revlon is missing the boat by not pushing this line of products. It is an excellent line. The price is more than reasonable, especially when you can find it near you. I find it on sale as buy one, get two free. I have stocked up on it as it sometimes disappears for a while and you need to really look around to locate it. The search is always worth it. I find it works best with the coordinating shampoo and it leaves your hair so clean, smooth, fresh feeling, soft, and yet with a feel of more texture or body. It remains one of my all time favorites for my hair. Actually, I should be happy that Revlon has left this line on the back burner: if they did 'push' this product line, the price would certainly go up. So I am content with it remaining a hidden gem.


CeeCee Carter said...

But where can you find it????

CeeCee Carter said...

But where can you purchase it???