Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review - Smashbox Radiance Lip Gloss Set

Get glam with this party-perfect set of our award-winning, ultra moisturizing lip gloss. The luxurious velour wand perfectly contours lips for a flawless application every time. Includes three best-selling shades and three holiday exclusives. Wear alone or layer together for instant color and stunning shine.

Movie Maven says:

The color I lucked out with from this Smashbox Radiance Lip Gloss Set is stunning. No,'s called "Stunning." In the photo above, it's the second from the right, a gorgeous bright pink with a bit of shimmer. I like this gloss because while it provides a lot of shine, the color is super-sheer, giving just a hint of pink to my lips. While I've been wearing it alone, it would be just as good layered over your favorite lipstick. It's not sticky, and while it doesn't have a flavor per se, it tastes good. Not so much that you want to eat it (like some too-tasty lip glosses), but enough that it tastes like something. The only thing I don't like is that apparently, "Stunning" is one of the "holiday exclusives" in this set of 6 mini-glosses, which means you have the buy the set to get this color (which I really like). A bit of research on reveals that their color "Electric" is probably the closest I can get without buying the whole set.

Deedlejuse Says: Movie Maven totally stole my line! The color I lucked out with is called "Illume" which is I believe the farthest to the left in the picture. It is an absolute pleasure to wear. I have been wearing it consistently since I got my box about a week ago. The color is almost nude, but adds a beautiful shine and sparkle while really moisturizing the pout. I have worn it both alone and also to define another lip color. It works beautifully both ways, and I definitley think it would work with just about any skin tone because it is so sheer. I have a feeling that the "Sheer Gloss" Lip Enhancing Gloss would probably be the closest match without actually buying the whole kit, but..... If you can get them all for $29 why wouldn't you! Smashbox makes such nice Gloss, I'm sure anyone would be thrilled with the whole pack.

Maria says: I think I'm second from the left - or "Radiant". At first glance, I thought - hmmm...may be a little too brown...but on the lips, a different story! It's a neutral mauvey-but-not-too-mauvey just right color. Lovely shine and not yucky sticky - it's actually moisturizing which is nice from a gloss. I'm thinking that it would accomodate quite a few skintones. It's very close to a gloss I got in a Stila sample pack (Raisin I think was the name?) but unlike Stila's - there's no aggravating click pen that dispenses a glob of gloss - plus there's no filmy weirdness that Stila tends to leave on my lips. I think the Smashbox has a very, very slight vanilla scent to it, but I would NOT call it scented. What I would call it is a very cool gloss. Well played, Smashbox. I'd definitely repurchase as evidenced by the fact that I've been wearing it every day since I got it!

Joyce says: I could tell you how the rosy shade, Candid, I tried made my lips look kissable, and how the formula made my lips get rid of that dry feeling winter can cause—and both statements would be true. However, I think an even better testament about how this product line has impacted users is to share that when I mentioned this lipgloss to a friend, she stopped moving, her eyes glazed, she nearly drooled, and appeared to go into a trance-like state as she quietly uttered, “I LUUUUVVV Smashbox.” I don't know that I can say anything better than that.

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Sheryl B said...

Has anyone tried Lip Lust by hot pants cosmetics? I've heard it's a really great lip gloss, but I haven't tried it.