Sunday, January 25, 2009

Review - Yes To Cucumbers Facial Hydrating Lotion

Delicate skin deserves gentle care, especially when it comes to hydrating. Our Complete Care spring water based lotion combines Aloe Vera and organic cucumbers to give you gentle, fast absorbing hydration.

Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Spirulina, a renowned 'superfood' rich in vitamins, proteins and nutrients to purify and regenerate your skin. You won't stop smiling now your skin is so soft, supple and radiant.

More like Yes Please To Cucumbers! This Hydrating Facial Lotion has quickly and effectively lodged it's place into not only my daily routine, but also my heart. When I learned that I could purchase for around $15 I was floored. This Hydrating Lotion is thick, rich, and creamy yet it absorbs in seconds and leaves my face and neck feeling like I live in the tropics, instead of the super-dry Northeast. The scent is light, but distinct, it doesn't smell like cucumbers (which I wouldn't have minded by the way) but more like the idea of a cool mountain stream. Very pretty and delicate. After using this cream for about a month I have to say my face is completely happy and moisturized all the time. I tend to really feel the winter months in my face, but this year not so much. My skin is soft and absolutely buildup free, which I think is a major plus. My only recommendation, other than drop whatever your doing and go to your local pharmacy to purchase, is one pump will do you. Do not think you need two, regardless of how dry you feel, a very little bit goes a very long way. Even better for your wallet!

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