Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review- Mineral Essence Loose Foundation and Brush

Discover perfect coverage for any skin tone and type. Mineral Essence foundations are made of 100% pure micronized minerals. They’re all natural and free of additives, oil, talc, harsh chemicals and preservatives. Combats aging. $22; Retractable Powder Brush - $25

My shade was M2 (medium with yellow undertones) which worked well on my skin tone. As a person who loves mineral powders and has used one particular brand for almost a decade, I have, from time to time, tested others. ME’s foundation does cover, but I found I was more satisfied with coverage if I did two to three layers. I have used it every day, though. There are two things I’d like to see ME do because their product is good and their purpose and formula has such good intentions for women’s skin: I’d like the powder foundation better if it were even a bit more finely milled and if the retractable powder brush was upgraded to the quality of my own Kabuki brush. They do offer Kabuki brushes for $28 and $30. Since I didn’t test either, I can’t comment on their quality. I like the retractable brush design with its nifty push-up feature and cap; but each time I use it, I have to pick off little bits of bristle from my face. Overall, I wasn’t dissatisfied with the foundation and brush, but I could be more satisfied. And, yes, I will continue to use it until the container is empty.

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