Friday, January 9, 2009

Review - Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish

Cleanses - Exfoliates - Softens 18.00

I got 2 small sample packs of this and if you saw them you too would think, you would get a little more than a hands worth of the body done with these sample packets so I used them on my face. I had high hopes for this since I love the other Yu-Be products I have. This polish is oozy and messy; I thought it reminded me of an apricot scrub, I could see the big grains suspended within. I thought that it was too harsh on my face. I am spoiled and used to polishes that have a finer grain that feels almost massaging on my skin. This polish would be better suited for the body and not face. I don’t think there are many products that are for face and body that actually perform well for both. After using my face was red and raw feeling, I didn’t over do the exfoliation either, it just didn’t agree with my face.

Sheba says: Aha, perhaps with age comes a tougher facial skin!! I have been using this for the past couple of days and found it to scrub, clean, and exfoliate my face well. It did leave my face a tiny bit pink but it felt good, not uncomfortable. My face then drank up moisturizer which is suggested by the Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish. I have to agree with Cityslicker that I have found very few products that work for both the face and body. I would personally prefer this skin polisher for my body. It seems much better suited for that. It did work for my face but I did have that pink to it. I will be using the remainder of it for body polishing. Tender facial skin may very well react like Cityslicker's experience. So, you might be better off just using it to polish up the body rather than the face.
Joyce says: My experience was different from my co-posters. I really appreciate someone combining a face and body scrub into one product gentle enough for one, effective enough for both. I love the scent and the idea of exfoliating and stimulating skin with rice bran, bamboo, ginger, ginseng, green tea (we know how healing that is for skin), and camphor. My more mature skin loves when I use this product, and I love how smooth my skin feels, forehead-to-toes.

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