Friday, January 9, 2009

Review - Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss

A full color, ultra-moisturizing lip gloss. $18.00

I have this in Aura – the color at the top. It’s a pinky, taupe with lots of shimmer. When I saw this in the tube, I was not impressed it looked more like a beige tone. I think by the second stroke on my lips I was sold. I have this in a tiny sample size and I find myself losing it in my handbag daily. I love the color but I need more of it so I don’t lose it! I am very satisfied with the performance. I have worn it every day since receiving the sample. The color on me is a perfect nudie color with a touch of pink. I love it; it’s like those retro nudes too. I find that it wears for a decent amount of time, it’s not gooey, sticky, or heavy. It actually makes my lips feel smooth. I haven’t found that my lips have dried out at ALL! I have worn it alone, over a lipstick and just with a liner. It works all the angles and still keeps on going. I am very fair in complexion and feel that it works for me; I think it’s pretty versatile since it’s not a heavy color but full of shimmer which anyone can wear. I wear it to work and apply a double dose for the evenings... I will be buying my own full sized container!

Sheba says: Sorry, I cannot find my shade on the chart-- it is 'Lovely' which appears to be a very vivid hot pink in the container. However, when you put it on it appears very innocent with a muted shimmer. In other words it does not stand out too much. It simply enhances your lips which is what glosses are supposed to do. Many other brands go on and are there but they really do nothing for your lips. Smashbox goes on so nice and evenly and caresses your lips. It prevents chapping while in use and gives your lips their best pout ever. It feels so soft and silky -- not waxy or heavy. I find that it stays on for a while longer than my usual glosses which means I retouch with it less frequently. You can fool around with it like Cityslicker and put it over lipstick, etc. I always like to mix and match and this is no exception. Again, this particular color seems to me like it would enhance any skin tone but like I said -- you would not realize it when you peek at the container. It just looks a lot more stronger and potent than it turns out to be -- which is a very good thing. You can add a layer or two to intensify the appearance if you are so inclined. No matter how you decide to wear it -- you will be happy with the effects.

Amanda S. Says: I have posted my firmly set fear of lip gloss on here before. I am terrified it will slide around my lips or collect in the corners (this has embarrassingly happened, how horrifying!). Luckily, smashbox has great things to offer all around and I wasn't disappointed here either. The colors I have (I bought some of my own also, after trying it) match my skin and blend in really well, I don't feel like I have a sticky weird layer on my lips, and it has nice staying power. Highly recommended.

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