Thursday, January 8, 2009

Review - Aloette Multi-Use Makeup Brush

" The Multi-Use Makeup Brush is an all-purpose makeup brush, working well for achieving a natural, light coverage on your face and for applying eye color. " $18.50

This brush is just what I needed, something that is versatile.When I get something new, another can be cleaned up and used for other functions. I am loving this! The bristles are super soft without losing any firmness when applying shadows, it makes application a breeze. I can use all over my eyes too, it works in the crease, as a highlight and on the lids. I like not having to have an exact brush for each and every stroke I make. I haven't tried using on my face since it's working so well on the eyes there is no need for me to move on just yet. I think for $18.50 this is should be a staple in all train cases, I like it that much! Nice sturdy construction also & cruelty free!!

Hillary Says: I've been using this brush for everything- eyeshadow, Aloette's "Look Alive" Powder under my eyes, even on my brows. They mean what they say when they call it multi- use. It's nice and compact so it fits in my purse make-up bag. I can't see using it as a face brush, but I can see using it with mineral foundation on individual imperfections. This is a quality brush with a lot of versatility. Aloette appears to be much more popular in the South (of the U.S.), West and in Canada than here in NY. It seems to be a company that's a lot like an upscale Avon where you can throw Aloette parties and such. Just from the quality of the products I've tried, I'd say it's an oportunity worth looking into if you are looking for extra income.

Deedlejuse says: I have to agree with everyone. This brush rocks! I have actually started carrying it as (one of) my primary brushes. It works great for eyeshadow, but you can also almost perfectly line your eyes with the tip and highlight areas too! As Hillary said it might be difficult to use as an all over face brush, but for touch ups it works wonders. This little brush will make your life so much easier! Love it.


natural cosmetics said...

I have always liked organic cosmetic brushes because they are softer and they apply the make up more evenly. The brushes are made from natural products and they glide across your skin without coating the make up to thick.

Hillary said...

This brush is quickly becoming my favorite. It has the perfect firmness and distributes color perfectly. Thanks for your comment.