Friday, January 23, 2009

Review - Canyon Ranch Age Transforming Concentrate Serum

Formula offers clinical strength ProNAD that taps into skin's regenerative power for the ultimate transformation. Lines begin to blur, elasticity surges and skin lifts to visibly transform. As the cornerstone of the line, this cream gel provides clinical strength ProNAD, enabling the fastest penetration to promote the generation of healthier skin cells and building of the skin barrier from the inside out. 1 oz. $150

Canyon Ranch Spas are apparently places to recharge and renew. If you go to their website you will notice healthy recipes, supplements, and inspirational retreats at the spas which are located in Florida, Arizona, and Massachusetts. Their products are all centered on health and well-being, and it is even mentioned that this serum might be able to prevent skin cancer from sun damage. They have definitely tapped into the concept of the science of skin care.
I have very easy skin it is a bit on the sensitive side, but all in all pretty resilient, and I have been really careful around the sun so I don't have any wrinkles yet. So, obviously, trying such an amazing product was really a treat for me. The biggest improvement I noticed was the brightness and resilience of my skin. It didn't really take long either, after only about one use I noticed that the elasticity of my skin was improved. Not that I have too much of an issue with that, yet, but I could definitely still tell. The smell of this serum is to die for, it smells like fresh grapes or some other kind of delicious berry. The only problem I had with this serum is that I used it more like a moisturizer, because it feels so darn good on your skin when you apply. For that reason I would definitely recommend getting the whole line (they recommend serum, cream and hydramist) because although your spending a lot of money all at once you will use less ultimately of any one product. It is expensive, but I would say from my experience it is really an amazing product and definitely makes your skin healthier from the inside out. It heals everything that the environment has done to my skin.

Sheba says: Oh no, we are going from Deedlejuse, probably the youngest of us all to me, probably the oldest (or best aged - that sounds better) one!! What can I say -- she said it all and she is so smart to avoid the sun and to treat her skin so well at her age. Her skin will repay her. Mine is paying me back now!! It is getting even for lying out in the sun in my young and foolish years!! Deedlejuse just hit the nail on the head. This company is really into healthy. I was actually hesitant to do a review of this product as I thought I was seeing things -- I saw differences after one use. However, thank goodness I am not seeing things -- Deedlejuse also noticed the subtle changes right away. I saw the changes that she mentioned and the improved elasticity is noticeable. I am sure that it can only improve my damaged skin to a certain degree but I will take it!! For now it is still improving so I am not sure to what extent this improvement will go to. . . but I am thrilled with the results to this point. I am not delusional -- I realize that no matter how good it is -- I will not look like I am a twenty or thirty or forty something. Hey, I would settle for a couple of years younger and I do think I may have almost attained that already. Another very good point she made is -- we should really try the rest of the products for full results. Yes, it is expensive -- but it works. Make your boyfriend or husband feel guilty about something / anything -- then he will be only too glad to spend some extra money for your Holiday or birthday present. I think I will tell mine that he might find a much younger looking wife if he breaks down and buys me the whole line! If that works on him half as well as this product -- I will have the whole line and he will have a much younger looking wife. Hip, Hip, Hooray to Canyon Ranch for this line of products!! My face thanks you!!

Maria says: Dear Santa: Please bring me a vat of Canyon Ranch Age Transforming Concentrate. What an awesome product. I am in love. My skin is in love. I have been using this amazing treat for the skin for the past couple of weeks and I must say that it is just DIVINE. It sinks right in, leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated, clearer, firmer - you name it. I am in my 40's and like Sheba above, I am not looking for miracles, but I gotta tell you - no one was as surprised at me at just how good this serum is. Whatever they are doing at Canyon Ranch they should keep on doing it b/c it works. It smells great too - so bonus there. This is a line I would rather have not fallen in love with b/c it's a little more than I'd like to spend - but I could make an exception here. I would absolutely try more products in this range and I know that when this amazing bottle of goodness is almost gone, I'm going to be bumming big time. I am absolutely delighted in how good my skin has been looking and feeling b/c of using this product. Well done Canyon Ranch. Wonderful serum.

Hillary says: Not to sound like a mocking bird, but I too love this serum. At first I was a little leery as there is a slight tingle when you put it on & I thought "Uh-oh. Trouble." but within seconds it had settled down. I'm blessed with very few wrinkles for my 36 years so it's hard to assess the wrinkle reducing properties of this cream (although Sheba seems to love it!) but I will tell you this- it does give your skin that special glow we all look for. It also has great moisturizing properties. I've used it with about 5 different moisturizers with no problems. I didn't bring it with me to my parents over Thanksgiving & right now my skin looks horrible. I'm amazed at what the Canyon Ranch Your Transformation Serum had been holding back. I've got my skin slathered in this serum and Aquaphor it's so dry & damaged! If it can repair this, like the rest of the reviewers- I'll be wishing I had a case! Hopefully we'll get to review the rest of the line.

CitySlicker Says: This is an amazing product.. I think anyone can benefit from the product regardless of the fact that it is an age transforming serum. I swear that it will bring a new vibrancy to your skin no matter what age you are. I have been using this for over 2 weeks now and pleased to report that my skin has a new luminosity that was non existent before. I also feel like my skin looks firmer too. I am not talking Joan Rivers firm more like the right after a good facial firm. I apply this to my skin right after cleansing and am sold on the fact that it not only absorbs lightening fast but creates a barrier on my skin that hold it in and goes to work throughout the day - crazy? I know but it's true. This is the kind of line that will transform your skin and it doesn't takes months to see the results. This is a PERFECT product to invest in during the winter months when your skin is depleted and needs that extra boost. If we are writing to Santa well, I too would love a lot of Canyon Ranch in my stocking.. I swear I have been good all year long!!

Amanda S. Says: I grew up in the same town as Canyon Ranch (the actual resort/spa) and I can attest to the fact that they do great things for people as far as natural health and beauty goes, and I've seen the results. Although I don't have many age related skin problems, but my skin gets dry and red in the winter and does awful weird things. After using this my skin felt tight and soft, and I honestly didn't have to reapply moisturizer for the entire day, which is a miracle when you consider that lately, I've been putting almond oil on my skin once or twice a day so I don't look like crazy lizard-skin girl. I give this a thumbs up and I have already got it on the list of things I'm buying for the ladies in my family for Christmas!

Movie Maven says: Like Amanda, I'm not plagued by age-related skin problems, but even an oily girl needs a little moisture boost in the winter for soft skin, and this uber-healthy product (not to be a mockingbird here) is just the ticket. I can't speak to the transformative powers the other ladies attest to, since I'm a little younger than some of them, but I'd definitely recommend it just for the moisturizing properties, and the way it makes my skin feel more glowy and lovely!

Joyce says: Deedlejuice says she’s the oldest in our group. Hmm. We should compare digits to see if that’s correct. But I agree with my fellow bloggers about the effects of this product. I’ve used it for around three weeks now and I have to say the little lines around my eyes and lips, though not totally gone, are really and truly, obviously diminished. My skin is brighter and the texture is smoother. I also like that it’s not greasy once it goes onto and then into the skin. I think that’s the tingle Hillary mentioned. I feel it too. Well, penetration should make you tingle a bit, yes? (wink) New guy was joining me for dinner and arrived early—as I was getting ready. I started to put on mineral powder, looked at my skin after using this product, and realized my skin looked so good, I didn’t need a base. Wow!


Anonymous said...

Hum. I've just returned from Canyon Ranch and purchased the serum and a few other items (ouch!). I've used it for 4 days, and to be honest, I called the Spa today and complained! My skin feels tight and dry - to the point where I want to reach for a jar of cream and slather it all over my face. I am really hoping this passes as I have read all of your reviews and seems like it is a miracle serum. My facialist said this will pass....did this happen to anyone else?

Hillary said...

None of the reviewers experienced any dryness, although Amanda S. did experience tightness but she described it as being a "good" tight feeling. Do you think you may be allergic to one of the components? I would not use it for more than a week if you think your skin isn't reacting well to it, despite the fact that you may eventually get used to it. No one product is good for every person. Go with your gut and keep us posted. Thanks for sharing.

deedlejuse said...

Hi Anonymous,
First off I am super-jealous! That must have been wonderful.... But I'm going to agree with Hillary on this one. I didn't feel any tightening, especially not to the point of being painful. It is possible that something is not agreeing with your skin. I would try it for a little longer, but that doesn't sound anything like my experience, so give them a call back if it isn't working for a lot longer.