Friday, January 2, 2009

Review - Mineral Essence Lush Lips Lip-Enhancing Lip Gloss

Sexy… flirty… luscious… ME’s new Lush Lips Lip-Enhancing Lip Glosses are infused with plant and flower extracts to soothe, hydrate and nourish lips. Plus a unique lip-plumping formula that makes your lips irresistible and oh-so-kissable each time you wear it. Wear over ME Lip Colour for gorgeous glamour or over bare lips for color that shines on and on.

Movie Maven says:

Typically, when I think of lip gloss, I think of something sheer, with a hint of color, just to give your lips shine. Mineral Essences' Lush Lips Lip-Enhancing Lip Gloss, however, is not a shrinking violet-type lip gloss. This stuff will give you crazy shine AND crazy color. I'm not big on dramatic lips in real life (I like to focus on my eyes and just give a hint of color for my lips), so I wore this on a special occasion and yes! I like it a lot. I will mention that this lip gloss uses a tiny brush (like a lipstick brush) as opposed to the little felt-tip thingie you see in a lot of glosses, so if you're not a fan of the brush, this is your warning. I, however, really like a brush! The color I got - Ripe Berry - is a deep, rich fuchsia, good for cool undertone skin. If you're looking for something with more pop than your average gloss, but less coverage than a lipstick, this might be the ticket!

Amanda S. Says: I had the "fever" color in this gloss. It went great with my wintry paled olive skin tone and as mentioned above, VAVOOM! Total gloss and color in a serious way. A lot of glosses I use fizzle out so fast I throw them out. I can't spend a greater portion of my day whipping out little bottles in meetings to reapply constantly. My fear of lipstick has always made me lean toward glosses, and it is *so* hard to find one that stays, has great color, shines up a storm and feels good (not sticky, not weird tasting, and so on). This is a hot item for those reasons. It has all the aspects of a gloss that a person could grow to love.

Deedlejuse says: I have this gloss in Exotic Pearl. It is the perfect shade for frosting lipcolors and for use on lips when you want to be shiney and pale. I really like the consistancy of this gloss, and it stays on for hours. I have to say though I would love to try some of their other shades, since I'm more of a straight up gloss kinda girl. This is, I think, really meant to enhance other colors, which it does beautifully. I would say, if all of the glosses work like this one you will never be upset with your choice! This is a great lipgloss for longevity.

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