Saturday, January 3, 2009

Review - Dr. Michelle Copeland Blemish Controller

Developed by renowned New York Plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Copeland, the Blemish Corrector & Intensive Acne Spot Treatment contains Salicylic Acid (at 2%) to help treat adult and teen acne.

My famous last words to Hillary recently were "oh, I never break out". The next day I had a gigantic zit on my forehead. Well, thankfully Hillary had literally handed me a tube of this blemish controller the night before. I took it out and religiously applied it to the horrible spot and it disappeared in under 48 hours. From my awful break-out experiences, this is a high speed recovery and it's greatly appreciated. The really great thing about this blemish controller is that it doesn't glob up or look lumpy under make up. It's also not tinted (read: doesn't match any skin known to any human being) like some acne medications, and it doesn't destroy make up applied over it. I used it morning and night, and voila, goodbye horrible zit, never to be seen again. I'm keeping this stuff right in the medicine cabinet to fight off any evil returns. If you've got a zit, you NEED THIS STUFF.

Hillary says: Let's face it, lots of products can get rid of the occasional zit here or there, but most of them have the unfortunate side effect of wrecking the skin on and around the blemish. This gel is not one of those products. You can put this gel on a zit in the most obvious of places and it doesn't turn your skin red or flaky, it just erases the blemish. Poof! It's gone into thin air and you don't need an additional week for the surrounding skin to go back to normal. I have several prescription spot treatments and none of them does what this one does- eliminate the zit without killing the surrounding skin. This stuff is liquid gold!

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