Friday, January 23, 2009

Review - Eminence Organics Quince & Ice Wine Mask

Rich in polyphenols and tartaric acids to refine skin. Enriches and firms the skin’s texture. Heals and repairs. Purifies and soothes irritated skin. Brightens complexion and reduces redness and irritation. Detoxifies and tones. Reduces the signs of aging. Restores hydration levels in the skin.

We received samples of this wonderful Quince and Ice Wine Mask, so unfortunately this review is only for one application. I say unfortunately because I want gallons of this beautiful smelling mask to be mine! It is quite grainy, which was sort of abrasive when I applied it, but as long as you're gentle with your application and removal it should not be too rough. The smell is to die for, and I loved every second of it being on my face. When I removed it I noticed that my skin was a bit red for about 10 mins. but my skin is generally quite sensitive to masks and such. After the redness cleared up I noticed my skin felt very clear, and moisturized. I did have to apply a facial cream afterward, but it is winter and I need my moisturizer! All in all, like I said, if I had enough of this mask to use it twice a week I would be a very happy girl! I don't know if they offer samples, but if you can score one this mask is totally worth trying.

Sheba says: When you go to their website you will need to call their toll free number in order to locate the nearest distributor to you. However, it is worth the extra effort. . . Eminence Organics Quince & Ice Wine Mask has one heavenly scent to it and it is a pleasure to use it. Follow Deedlejuse's hints and go very easily with the application. Don't rub it in too much as you will definitely irritate you skin. However, when you gently apply and remove it -- you will be rewarded. Your skin looks so healthy and moisturized. It is winter and that means heat blasting away drying your skin around here. You do need to add moisturizer to to protect your skin from the heat damage. You will like everything about this product!!

CitySlicker Says: The sample we got is very small and for me almost too small. When I am giving myself an at home treatment I like to slather masks on. It's just my nature. This was a very thin application. The scent is divine and the mask feels lovely on my face. I found that it dried down very quickly so I spritzed myself with my favorite Caudalie Beauty Elixir, this gave me extra moisture and prolonged the wear for me. I utilized what I think to be the grape pulp as an exfoliant when rinsing away. The end result is baby soft skin that feels fresh and clean. I would love to be able to apply this one a week and just relax after. I think this is a great line that offers some at home luxury!

Movie Maven says: Oh, Eminence. The scents of your products are so, so good. This Eminence Quince and Ice Wine Mask smells absolutely glorious. The recommendation on their website says to place moist gauze strips over the mask while it's on your face, which I did not do, but I was very pleased with the results anyway. The mask has a lot of granules in it, which definitely do well to exfoliate, but were a bit abrasive. Just be cautious and you'll be fine! Definitely a thumbs up.

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